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About the company Fix That TV

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Fix That TV is not your ordinary repairs service! Not only do we offer 100% FREE estimates to our customers needing repair but we also have a huge variety of New, Used, ex-display Televisions and TV accessories for sale! We have plenty to choose from with our regular eBay auctions starting at only 99p!  So if you’ve lost your remote, need a repair or just fancy getting yourself a new TV, there’s only one place to go and that’s Fix That TV!

For customers needing repairs:

There’s nothing worse than when your TV breaks and feeling the inevitable fear of impending costs. Some of our customers say they’ve been charged up to £100 just to diagnose their faults! Here at Fix That TV, you don’t need to have that worry, we’ll take a look at your TV and diagnose your fault FREE of charge. All you need to do is book an appointment with us and we’ll take it from there. You’ll receive a quote the same day for repairs and then the choice is entirely yours if you wish to take it away or have it repaired. If you decide the TV is beyond repair or smashed don’t worry, we also sell new and used TVs.

For customers searching for a new TV or accessory:

Here at Fix That TV, we pride ourselves on offering great customer service,  so your remote is broken or you’ve taken your TV off the wall but the stand is missing and you are unsure which one to buy, don’t worry! That’s exactly what we’re here for. There are plenty of ways to contact us and we’re happy to help. If you are searching for a new or used TV we have plenty to offer! We update our stock regularly on all our channels including Facebook, eBay and on our website. Our TV’s come in graded conditions and at prices to suit all budgets.